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Co-Founder, Caroline Geiger, featured by Body Battle Fitness in May Gladiator Spotlight.

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MavenStrong founder Stacey Grant features Co-Founder, Caroline Geiger, as a "fire-starter" female entrepreneur.

Co-Founder, Anjali Southward, profiled by INSPIREflies, which spotlights female role models who are succeeding as entrepreneurs.

Fit Bottomed Girls ranked groupie one of "the Best New Apps of 2017"

"1. Groupie. Think of it as social media for your fitness classes. You can use the app to find classes and invite your friends to join you. It’s a fabulous tool to help you see what your friends are doing (maybe you wanna join them for a class) and to share your workouts as well. And if you find an instructor that you love, you can see all their local classes and even sign up through the app. Download it for free from the App Store."

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