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Getting Back In the Swing Of Things

I had my daughter 18-months ago. Pre-baby I was a 5-6x a week workout person. Yoga, running, swimming, tabata, triathlons, lifting, you name it. Now, I count walking the extra 2 avenues to work as a workout. I count standing at my desk as a workout. I also consider myself totally winning if I get to 2 workouts in weekly. This all sounds very cliche I am sure but I underestimated how tired I would be, even more than a year in. I’ve tried to follow a few principles that have helped me not give up completely. 1) Something’s gotta give - 2 workouts every week is good. I work long hours and so I try to balance spending time with my daughter and my husband and doing something for me. 2) This isn’t permanent - it’s right now. Ok maybe this one is wildly hopeful but I am hoping at some point, I will find it easier to workout more (as the kiddo gets a little more self-sufficient). 3) Eating has to change - if I can’t workout the same way, I can’t eat the same way without gaining unhealthy weight. It’s actually been a little easier than I thought because my appetite has gone down since I am not working out so much (overall I am sure that’s not a good thing but hey I’ll take whatever help I can get right now!). 4) Working out has to be fun and effective. I look to join friends when I can and I go to workouts that I know will kick my butt. If I get max 2 shots a week, I need them to be quality!

I’d love to hear from others if they found they got some time back as their kids got older or if there are others with time challenges (doesn’t have to be kids!) who’ve figured out good workout hacks. Fingers crossed that there are some inspirational stories out there!

Anjali Southward

groupie Co-Founder

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