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Getting Back In the Swing Of Things

I had my daughter 18-months ago. Pre-baby I was a 5-6x a week workout person. Yoga, running, swimming, tabata, triathlons, lifting, you name it. Now, I count walking the extra 2 avenues to work as a workout. I count standing at my desk as a workout. I also consider myself totally winning if I get to 2 workouts in weekly.

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Fuel Your New Year's Resolutions

If you’re reading this, odds are that you made a fitness-related resolution for 2018. And if you’ve stepped into a gym in the past week, you might have noticed that you are not the only one. The Washington Post reported that some gyms see 40% more traffic in January. I affectionately refer to the invading masses of January gym newbies as "resolutioners" -- I like to welcome them into classes, show them how to work my gym’s automatic combination locks, and drop encouraging one-liners on them, like "it's really fun once your butt gets used to the saddle." Still, most of them disappear from the gym and the lines at Sweetgreen by Groundhog Day. According to US News, roughly 80% of fitness-related new year’s resolutions suffer a cold death by early-February.

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