What is groupie?

groupie is social fitness. groupie is a platform that leverages your social network to promote fitness classes and to make your fitness experience social. You can post workouts for friends to join or search for workouts based on classes your friends have joined (implied recommendations). You can see who is going to your workouts and connect with them to build community and motivate each other. Studios and instructors benefit by filling spots and building loyalty.

groupie makes it easy way to:

  • Find great group fitness classes.

  • Coordinate with friends to workout out together.

  • Share your workouts on Facebook, Twitter, email, or text.

  • If you’re a fitness professional, promote your studio and classes to your clients’ networks.

where can i get groupie?

Download in the App Store! For now, groupie is available exclusively on iPhones. If you want to see groupie available as an Android app, please let us know.

How much does it cost to use groupie and post classes in the app?

Nothing! It's free to download and use.

I’m a fitness professional.  How does groupie work for me?

groupie is a great way for fitness professionals to connect with your clients (“Groupies”) and grow your business!

  • Promote your upcoming classes and events to groupie users in our user-friendly map and list view with search features that allow users to find and join them, book directly through your studio, and invite their friends to come along.

  • Track your “Groupies” that regularly join your workouts & connect with them through the app via our Facebook links.

  • Fill those extra spots in your classes (at no cost to you!) by taking advantage of your social network and your groupies’ social networks.

If you are searching for a class:

  1. Open the app and classes added by your friends or fitness professionals in your geographic area will show up in the map and list views.

  2. Filter the class options by location, date, time, workout type, studio or instructor name (or a specific friend’s name if he/she created the workout).  

  3. Find a class you like and tap it to find out more details and “join” the workout. Use the studio’s booking link (or contact the studio or instructor directly) to reserve your spot in the class as soon as you make plans to attend!

  4. Once you join, other Groupie users that have joined the same class (including the studio or instructor if they’re on there!) will show up in the “Who’s going” section - you can reach out to them via Facebook directly through the app!  

  5. You can also add the workout to your Google calendar.

  6. If you want to share your workout with friends, colleagues, or anyone else that you want to invite (or just brag to about your workout plans!), use our share button to post on Facebook or Twitter, or send an email or text.


If you are adding a class:

  1. Tap the red button with the active stick figure on the bottom right of the screen.  

  2. Fill in the details and create the workout! Tap the “recurring weekly” option and your workout will automatically show up for 12 weeks. Include a booking link for the class so anyone joining can officially reserve a spot in the class.

  3. Add the workout to your Google calendar.

  4. Use the share button to share with anyone in your network by Facebook, Twitter, email, or text. If they use the app and join the workout, you’ll get a notification and can reach out to them via Facebook through the app.   

*For verified fitness professionals and studios, groupie can optimize your experience by making your workouts visible to anyone using the app.  And we’ll do it for free!  Just email us & we’ll make it happen.

I have the app on my Phone.  Now, how do I use it?

All workouts in the app are user-generated, which means fitness lovers and fit pros just like you put them into the app for friends or clients to see, join, and share. If you don't see the location or workout you're looking for, go ahead and add it! If you make it a recurring workout, it will show up for 12 weeks. Don't forget to share the workout through our share button - you'll get the best results from the app when your friends and clients are also using it to find and join workouts.

Why can't I find my gym, class, or instructor in the app?

Once I join a workout in groupie, am I signed up for the class?

Not yet! For now, groupie is a social platform. We recommend that you use the studio’s booking link to reserve your spot in the class as soon as you make plans to attend! groupiedoes not guarantee that space will be available in the workouts in the app, so make sure you follow those booking links or check with the studio as early as possible.

How much does it cost to attend classes?

Every studio is different. Most classes in the app will include a booking link, so you can purchase a class directly through the studio at their rates. If you are a first-timer at a studio, we recommend checking whether they offer a special rate or complimentary first class.  

We post on social media about free classes when we hear about free options that we would recommend to our #fitfam. Follow us @groupiefit on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

How can I find out about free classes?

Just invite them to your workout via the share button in the app and they'll get a link to our website where they will find our download link. Or they can find us in the App Store as "Groupie - Social Fitness". 

how do i invite my friends to join groupie?

Our founders, Anjali and Caroline, love the extra motivation that comes from working out with friends and love trying new classes but dread the hassle of coordinating schedules and finding good class recommendations. They wanted to make it easy, so about a year ago they started meeting with fitness enthusiasts, instructors, and studios to fine-tune their concept. They developed a beautiful app with features that allow users to see and join friends’ workouts and share their own.

Anjali and Caroline’s primary objectives in creating groupie were to give users an easier way to make workouts social and to provide fitness professionals with a platform to fill classes and build a loyal, connected following.

From all of us on the groupieteam, we hope you love groupie and have fun getting #fittogether!

where did the idea for groupie come from?

Email us or tag us in a social media post with a testimonial, your favorite workout, or a great workout playlist. We'd love to send you something and share your recommendations with our community.

How can I get a groupie t-shirt, tANK TOP, water bottle, or OTHER LOGO SWAG?





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