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We're remodeling! We have listened to your feedback and are turning around some changes to groupie that will make it easier and more fun to use. Don't worry, the current app will still work until we finish remodeling - keep planning those workouts with your friends. We'll let you know when you can update or download the new version. Stay tuned for sneak peaks and re-launch news! Email us if you have any questions!

Fuel your motivation and commitment to fitness through your social network!  Whether you are a fitness professional looking to grow your business or someone who enjoys working out, groupie is the best way to discover and share group fitness classes and events in your area.  Looking for an easy way to invite friends to join your workouts or to join your friends' workouts without the back-and-forth scheduling hassle?  Want to try new group fitness classes but don't know how to find them or which ones you would like?  Want to have all your favorite instructors' classes and events at your fingertips?  Then groupie is for you!

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